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Laos Fois

“My girl likes to party all the time . . .”

“Don’t fuck with Mama dukes . . . ”

Really, this is a Spy Magazine “Separated at Birth.”

“I hate it when my mules stick to the dance floor!”

“You have a Hello Kitty eraser set too?”

Real World 12: Spa

“Sadly, I dismissed my press secretary, but no photos please, in other words, can’t you see the reserved sign on the table, you asshole papprazzi.”

“I can’t decide which is more important. Do I look into the camera or network with the guy next to me.”

Another Hallmark moment.

“Whoa, I never realized I could have a future as model for Tracy Nakayama. Thanks for the tip.”

“I’ve only just begun to party.” Seen Swingers?

Calcutta, Palm Beach. Ana Honigman and friends discuss world affairs

Quarterback Sneak, Quarterback Draw, Statue of Liberty . . . let’s just call it the Option. zing quarterback Brian Scherer makes a play for managing editor Melanie Flood.

American quilts, the subject of the esteemed grouping,, have never enjoyed so lively of a discussion.

zing interns and their boyfriends turn up everywhere.

General consensus towards a round of Kumbaya.

Nervous, but conscientious, that the VCR tape was not set to record the Price is Right.

Sweden’s Richard Agerbeek and Leija contemplate the fate advertising in zing #16 with their fans.

Yet more zing interns with their boyfriends.

Don’t look now, you are on Taildaters! Momoyo Torimitsu contemplates throwing the dating game kiss.

Adam Peters and Corrina wonder if there is any Yahoo being served, and better yet, if it complimentary.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

“I know this guy that can get us into the Esprit sample sale!”

“You gotta embrace the local culture.”

“C'mon, quite knocking Rod Stewart.”

The closest thing to an Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair cover at Spa.

“Still crazy after all these years . . .”

Awaiting yarn and popsicle sticks for the annual zing Kraft circle.

Omar getting tips on French cooking. Excited to learn the espresso machine is working at Lucky Strike.