issue 9

space: Croquet


Johnny Sander

all photos by
Lisa Kereszi

Playing through is clearly the strategy here

I confess, I still have my Barbie Camper

Eager to find out if Buster Douglas made the masthead, these boxing fans race through their copies of issue #9

Those cheeks, those lips, that swanky disco feeling

Which way to croquet?

Yo West coast! Watch yo back

This Western Grip really comes in handy

It's a story of man named Brady

No coke . . . Pepsi . . .

No Pepsi . . . Coke . . .

free Winona!

In the Gada da Vida

Saturday in the Park . . .

Hold my spot . . .

A non-impressed Lisa Kereszi wonders why the drinks are umbrellaless

Tom Rayfiel on the advice of GĂ©raldine Postel goes for croquet broke

I really wish I had worn an orange t-shirt