issue 24
new york release

october 2015

83 Grand

all photos by
Julie Jamora

Brandon Johnson and Dike Blair present...zing #24

It's not a party until Anthony Haden-Guest arrives.

Jami LaMaita and friend are ready to party while Atticus Moorman woos the ladies. Daisy looks doubtful.

Did Nancy Smith just tell a funny Dan Asher story? Brandon Johnson seems to think so.

These boys getting into the Cat Mezcal = trouble!

Devon Dikeou and Julia Norton posing like peas in a pod. Perfecto.

Saniego Sanchez, Yolanda Chichester, and Nicholas Sheppard str8 chillin'.

Dike with Patrick Fox. Two stately gentlemen indeed.

Taco time for Connie Walsh and friend.

Alix Lambert's just trying to eat a damn tamale please!

Befalconed Julie Nymann admires Olav Westphalen's "Junkie in the Forest Doing Things The Hard Way" project near the chip bowl. Good choices all around.

Party on the Pope chairs! Meanwhile, Brian Belott explains the curatorial choices of his Instagram account...

Saniego with Carla Herrera-Prats. Ole!

Boys don't cry. They just like to snack a lot.

Buddies! Brandon & Brian joke around.

Rachel Dao and Kate Zavyalova are the stars of the show.

Babies love zing #24. You should too.

Girl power! Whitney Young & crew holding it down.

Even the fashionistas came out to play.

Jimi Billingsley and pal will make you smile now cry later. Don't mess.

"If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead." - Johnny Carson

Jackie Klempay and Nancy Choi both concur that issue #24 is really top notch and you should buy it.

Zing rave in full effect, Where's Waldo style. Cue lasers!

"Pray for me." (Hi Dominique!)

Devon and Pattie Cronin are the eye of the storm within the ring of fire. Burn, baby, burn!

Does it really surprise you that the mariachi band showed up 30 minutes late Josh Abelow? As if.

Lucy Howat turns her ear to let the sweet mariachi melodies flow in. Brandon enjoys the view.

Look at these jungle cats. Jeffrey Podolsky and Erika Belle, as natural as nature itself. Praise to you!

Erika doing what she does - kicking off the dance party with bae. Kate is Russian, nonplussed...

AHG cannot be stopped. Don't even try. This man's been cutting rugs across New York since the '70s. Respect and goodnight!