issue 23
new york release
august 2013

space: 83 Grand

all photos by
Barbara Anastacio

Behold: zing #23

The scene

Greek out! Le moussaka, le pastitsio

Troy Swain's digging in!

Mr Josh T Franco, bearer of Coors and #23

But the question is, does AHG approve? We'll take that as a yes.

ZING-BABES repping.

Dominique Cammaert auditioning for the next cover

Holly Falcone, doubling the fun

Art Director Whitney Young and friends

J Parker Valentine finds the TX connection

Pattie Cronin and Rachel Dalamangas are all smiles

Thee Erika Belle—zing superfan / party staple, with Mr. Nathan

Da gals

Elisabeth Kley plants a kiss . . .

. . . and a friendship blossoms.

Let's take a look at the bigger picture

Uh guys, this spot's reserved

Brad Kahlhamer is in disbelief

Jessica Butler and friend come in peace

Fancy ladies fancy fancy parties

Alison Nix and Raf Fiorda, balloon enthusiasts

Rewards incarnation DJ Aaron Pfenning w/ musical cohort

Troy's back for seconds, now among jazz legends from Devon Dikeou's series Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

Nutley's 15 minutes of fame have arrived

Erica Kahr and friend, in the thick of it

Manda's a regular e-chimney, which amuses Stephanie, and intrigues Holly

Carly Ryan, bartendress extraordinaire

Patrick enjoys a bit of reading and rose

Riddle me this: if Barbara's in the photo, who's behind the camera?

Wait a second, who's in charge here?