issue 22
miami release

december 2011

space: LESTERS

all photos by
Barbara Anastacio


Managing Editor Brandon Johnson with Zan Goodman and Candice Ralph

Adam Gildar of Illiterate Gallery

Camille Obering of Camille Obering Art Advisory wearing a Dzine longhorn nail

Lawrence 'n' friends

Power Trio: Jane Gang, Walter Robinson, and Devon Dikeou

LESTER'S owner Daniel Milewski and Nina Johnson of Gallery Diet

Artist/Coolcat Marc Bijl

Power Trio #2: Walter Robinson, Zach Feuer, and Devon Dikeou

Let the games begin: Gallery vs Press

Gallery up first w/ Lauren Marinaro

Brandon sees one in, Gallery looks unimpressed

Devon toes the line

Walter is poised and confident

Does Zach know something we don't know?

It's all in the follow-through

Hey Walter, we need a double bulls to win. Got it in you?

Game results inconclusive. Being press has its privileges . . .