issue 21
april 2007

space: 83 Grand

V2 Vodka
Donna Da Vine
Wine Cellar Sorbets

all photos by
Marta Fodor

Music by Boozin' and Whorin'

Trong Nguyen of NGC and friends chillax upon the black swan couch

Chris Baker, money-maker

Quite the spread

Scott Neustadter, Betsy Walters and friend missing a cold one

Have you read the good magazine?

...and then I said, "banana who?"

Windows '95

Stephen Posen and Monte Beauchamp of Blab! seal the deal

Now who's laughing?

Busted! Mike Ballou and Janice Yu

Don Hearn and Pierre Tardiff took the advice on wearing layers today

Club Zing

Melanie Flood, Sari Carel, and Saehee Hwang casually dropping zing-ers

Happy, shiny people

Pattie Cronin and Lisa Rosen discuss the finer points of beaded neckwear

Jonah Freeman, Don Hearn and Friend

Donald Fergusson, a head above the crowd

Gabe Chicco expounds upon the upcoming Yankees season

Cordially yours, Bibhu Mohapatra, James, and Tommy O'Meara

Artist Margaret Lee and Friends

Lisa Kim throws the backwards devil horns as Aya Cody pretends not to know her

Venetia Kapernekas and Nicole Fulmer

Curator/artist Allison Hawkins and Friend soaking it in

Jen Manko and Tess Knoebel's best Blue Steel

Gibb Slife and Friend

Le freak, le chic

Donald Fergusson and Dan Asher both going for the cool indy director look