issue 20
nov 2005

space: Sugar

Betts & Scholl

all photos by:
Melanie Flood

music by:
DJ Carol C

performance by:
Jah Jah

invitation design:
Janice Yu

Whoa, zing's Sundance . . .

No lost baggage here.

Killing time with the ultimate quarters game because you never know when zing will hit the newsstands.

Happy hanging out in front of faux mid-century stonework.

Mean Girls.

No . . . more Mean Girls.

Omar Lopez-Chahoud negotiating a seat at one of the Mean Girls' table.

Grace Kim and Janine Gordon anticipating the Jah Jah performance.

OWM (Out with Mary) and out with Sari!

Which on of these is not like the other . . . artist Lawrence Seward the sculpture or Lawrence Seward, the real deal?

This is Major Tom to Ground control . . .

There ain't no cloak or dagger on this Brookelynn, muses the boutique, Cloak & Dagger, Brookelynn Starnes.

Feeling the after affects of a Lawrence Seward Tattoo.

Jah Jah warming up the zing crowd with her number 1 hit.

My dear, I have so much respect for you.

Wondering if AsFour will make an appearance.

Former zing intern Meagan Hill and zing all time mvp quarterback, Brian ponder the thought: Ganahl Ganahl Ganahl so many mixed emotions . . .

Fuentes is definitive on the curative elements of a new issue of zing.

For the last time, I am not Anthony Haden-Guest!

Artist Dan Asher expounding to Mary Barone about his adventures in the World Wrestling Federation.

Erika Belle is our Lucky Star!

Betts & Scholl does it matter at this point . . .

Mmm . . . the company one keeps while waiting for the new issues of zing, artists Rainer Ganahl and Sari Carel and friend.

OMG, another mojito!

Gallerist Andrew Kreps and Rainer Ganahl dwell on the significance of backgammon as a competitive sport.

Wonders what will be on Letterman's Top Ten tonite.

zing intern Aaron Hatch salutes all zing partygoers or kicks their ass to the curb.

Artist Tracy Nakayama and friends wait for the crafting circle to begin.

Looks like the partial cast of Seinfield: the downtown scene . . .

Amanda Obering and friend before retiring for coffee and cigarettes.

If this isn't zing's first managing editor, Lisa Danbrot, it must be her doppleganger.

Get Out, Elaine Benes!

What's in a wannabe bag . . .