issue 16

space: Soho Grand

Brooklyn Brewery

all photos by
Lisa Kereszi

Slightly reassured, comforted partier, considers the fate of Hall & Oates

Bob Seng, Lisa Hein And Theresa Rovito, owner of Le Streghe, surmise that had the butt hole surfers won on the peoples court the whole history of the LA punk scene would have been transformed

Paul Laster, giggles after unzipping his Adidas warm up, "do you think people will notice I just came from the gym?"

Surprised to find out that area has closed changes the evening's plans!

Hearing the latest Microsoft pop up window, Tommy Saleh, of the Soho Grand, hits return

A remorseful Serge realizes the difficulty of long division, and what this has meant to his art career

Astonished, to find out the real reason Polo shirts are so expensive (because the guy on the horse is wearing an izod) the DJs decide to forgo their long tradition of label product support

I really wish I had an abacus

The fate of the band Kansas has always intrigued me

Unperturbed by rumors all who attended ran the risk of talking to Jules Asner and potentially revealing too much

Convincing Ester Partegás was easy, but there are many who remain skeptical that 60 Minutes is indeed on Sunday night. With a dutiful honor, Laurel Broughton continues her fight.

Nonplussed by the crowd, and only finding comfort in the friendly confines of a drink and a smoke, makes life on this Mean Street a hard toke to swallow

Searching beyond their bookmarked internet sites, these disparate characters found each other's company most satisfying and continue to talk once a week

Great . . . another Kodak moment, complains managing editor Melanie Flood

Really you should check into a different long distance plan if your going to continue this nonsensical long distance relationship

Lisa Kereszi and Vik Muniz hoping to catch a glimpse of Eminem huddle inconspicuously in the back

Not a another rabid Rent fan

After having gone to the Mothman Prophecies, these spirited girls feel the real and definite nausea of Gere withdrawal

Not knowing the real cause of the Big Bang Theory brings them to the wrong conclusion