issue 14

Tribeca Grand

Kremlyaskaya Vodka
Brooklyn Brewery

DJ: Jenga

all photos by
Laos Fois

Warris comes to the sad conclusion that he is not able to get backstage passes at the next AC/DC concert

In absentia the press corps details the scene

"Vive La resistance," expatriate Sylvain Flanagan admonishes

These guys are looking for Yoda

Yeah, the burrito is the better Mexican food staple, concedes Sweden's Richard with an astounding affirmation by Leija

The Hobbit was just here!

Well, I really think it would be wiser to have stayed with the Pinot

Toad Hall's excellent brunch executive chef Ester, huddles for Jenga strategy with friends

Meanwhile zingmagazine's Ester and Al tag team the competition in a riveting contest

Look out! if you're not careful the Peta convention might steal your threads too

Chris Noris, of Spin yucks it up rock style with Anthony Haden-Guest

Which way is the Kappa mixer?

Human jenga anyone?

Still discussing the issue of the 60 Minutes time slot, Oneil Edwards, Ester Partegás and a fiery Laurel Broughton conclude it must be on Sunday

I didn't know the Beastie Boys made sabotage t-shirts

I side line as a belly dancer on 4th Street on Thursdays . . .

. . . and shy raver-note the X on my hand on Wednesday