issue 13

space: Serena

Kremlyaskaya Vodka
Brooklyn Brewery

DJ: Perth + Smith

all photos by
Lisa Kereszi

Luckily my polarized lens keeps a cool young facade

Yes! These three exclaim upon completing the entire song lyrics of "rebel yell" (Magda Sawon, Tom Rayfiel, and Mike Ballou).

This chick's outfit is good, but not quite as good as Simon Periton's die cut project in issue #12

Wow which person is in focus - Look

I saw Blow too

Sari Carel leads the group in a round of "Row, row, row your boat ..."

"... gently, down the stream"

Almost Famous (with Mike Ballou)

From almost famous to hard core journalism (Chris Noris, of Spin Magazine, and zingmagazine's own Lisa Danbrot, Laurel Broughton and Oneil Edwards)

"Hey man, I know a really good connection for Piss" (bandanna'd man confides to Andres Serrano)

"That's right! Sixty Minutes is on Sunday Night", asserts Fuentes . "Yeah!" says Momoyo Torimitsu followed by a luke warm affirmation on the part of art director Oneil Edwards

Beach boy music here

I agree windbreakers' synthetic material is really the best guard against inclement weather Judy Brick sings

"Take me to your Idealogue" beams Jaqui Millar

Not another teen movie, exclaims independent film guru Jonas Mekas

Yes. I think there was a solar eclipse today, surmises Ilona Malka

"Don't hassle me bitch! I'm with band." smirks Kenny Schachter to publicity Maven Brooke Geahan

Pass the joint (Tracy Nakayama, Mike Pare, and friends)

You bet, that'll be problem we only cater to the hip crowd, laughs Sam proprietor of Serena

Is this an episode of Lucy I can't believe that guy looks and does exactly everything I do, peruses Paul LaMarre while getting the skinny on issue 13

Don't look now you two have been selected to be on Survivor. Which one will last longer. Will they form an alliance or vote each other off? Stayed tuned with Wolfgang Stahle and David Gibson

Yeah, I have a beer workout too

Purple Haze

This chick will be featured in the next episode of Strong Men for punks. Watch for it when the new merger between MTV2 and ESPN2 occurs.

You're kidding Linda Blair's character became possessed after playing with the Ouija Board!

Yo, can you give me the time

Yea, I fell out a Bruce Lee movie