issue 12

space: Yabby

Kremlyaskaya Vodka
Brooklyn Brewery

DJ: Perth + Smith

all photos by
Lisa Kereszi


When you look carefully at the musculature of the camel, you can make out an image of the Egyptian god of fertility

Can you put the dressing on the side!!


All four have demo tapes

Can I bum a cig?

Really, I'm not kidding daylight savings just went into effect

Erika from Organic Grooves, witness a riveting shuffle board match unfolding before them

These two people have been published doing this bullshit and will live to regret it (Paul Steketee and Marni Gianotti)


Killing Zoe, Cree Nevins and Aaron Diskin concur with definitely the better dope

Santa Claus is coming to town . . .

Wedgie opportunity

Parking on alternate sites of the streets is in effect tomorrow, Liz Deschenes confirms with Sonja and Becky, director of Bellweather

Need a nanny? (Jane Gang asks an unsuspecting parent)