issue 11

space: Gershwin

Brooklyn Brewery
Kremly Vodka


all photos by
Lisa Kereszi

Who says a red head can't wear pink, and fuscia, and magenta? As Four's Adi in all shades pink

Wow. The chick on the Christmas invitation.


An alert defense is the key to winning

An alert defense is the key to winning, surmises Andrew Kreps

I never knew a round frame could sculpt a face so well. I am so dependent on the concept of color lenses! Ben Buchanan confronted by eyeglass enthusiast.

Feeling fine now, but in hour check back

West Coast look out

Man, color contacts are the way to go

Brooklyn (the beer), the quicker picker upper

Hey, dude the casting for Basquiat is in Jacquline's studio

Twin Peaks to the left, Michael Cogliantry, and CIA, Jen Harte, to the right, stuck in the middle again

Yo Tracking!!!! zingmagazine video 1

Here's the church, here's the steeple, open it up and here's all the people!

La Dolca Vita, and a Chris O'Donnell Vehicle collide

You know what, only people who are on the guest list are allowed this way. I can't guarantee your entry René Ricardo quips.

Ana's (Honigman) rings would make awesome tongue jewelry

As Four's Kai double fisted blue and yellow

I was trying to find the suite where the Basquiat try outs were and it turns out that I ended up here