issue 10

space: Joes Pub


DJ: Chris Brick,
Alex Gloor (good luck)

all photos by
Lisa Kereszi

Which libation/addiction is mine?

No dude, dude stole my car

I thought I was going to a zing party, but after that line, maybe it's a set for Law and Order

Slick Rick on the right is secretly calling his unsuspecting buddy on the left

Take my picture! Look who I'm with . . . Collete and she's a blond?

No one is getting a hold of this group's zingmagazine: note three are being guarded with a fist of steel, while the compatriot in black can baerly contain himself with happiness at having scored a copy

Purple is the new black, offers GĂ©raldine Postel

Laurel Broughton and an unknown Basquiat extra pass out our surveys to eager readers and style mavens

This is the worst light for highlighting the glitter dust on my shoulders