Lisa Kereszi’s
march 2008

space: 83 Grand

Christiania Vodka
Despana Brand Food
Lurisia Water

photos by

Peter Killeen (color)
and Erin Bardwell (b+w)


World Famous *Bob*

Erin Bardwell pouring Christiania Vodka

Bonnie Dunn, producer of Le Scandal

HL Art's Stephen Wong with Sascha Peterfreund, Tess Knoebel, Julia Norton, and zing's Managing Editor, Anna Knoebel

World Famous *Bob*

Bonnie Dunn, producer of Le Scandal

Guest of Honor, Lisa Kereszi and friends

Peter Killeen

zing's Editor/Publisher, Devon Dikeou

District Cotton's Brett Novick with Sandy Kafenshtok, and Tess Knoebel

zing's Brandon Johnson, aka John the Baptist