hot toddy
march 2005

space: 83 Grand

all photos by:
Melanie Flood

music by:
Blue Orchid
Dance Orchestra

invitation design:
Janice Yu

Camp Food Rocks.

Caught texting while bartending -- shame on you, you're supposedly in the Honor Council Circle.

Still from the movie, "Paper Moon" . . .

Artist Rainer Ganahl and friend

Now from the song. "It's only a paper moon . . ."

zingmagazine managing editor Anna Knoebel hoping her open back dress trimmed in pattern will not be mistaken for an Archery a target!

Which one of these is not like the others.

Where's Wally?

Testing to see if her new lip enhancing lipstick actually works.

zing contributing editor, Sari Carel, regrets the cancellation of the Fencing rotation of the zing party.

MCA Denver Board member Eric Crotty can't decide between taking Drama or Home Ec.

Emily Post redux.

Gisela Erenfried of the thing.net scopes the zing landscape.

Cut offs really are the camp way to go.

Tess Knoebel and Lisa Kim are convinced their short sheet prank is both novel and shrewd.

Red Rover, Red Rover send Melanie and Sari right over!

Having been captured by the opposing Red Rover team, contributing editors, Carel and Flood reluctantly join the opposition.

Smug to have gleaned inside info for the Prada sample sale.

Designers Nicole Witty and Erika Lively queing up before Arts and Crafts.

Emily Post "Soho" redux.

Yo! Got my collar up, sporting all my merit badges. I'm cool, right?

I will not be your secret Santa!

Agreeing that breaking camp rules is inevitable when it comes to pizza.

zing's Grace Kim and Joseph Hung exclaim, "Who knew smores could double as Jenga!"

Shish, Shish Shooray!

When both footlockers of these beauties went missing, they had to improvise, hence the preponderance of black.

"I am being followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow . . ."

"Dark-haired Bjorn Borg." Yeah, that's what people say . . .

None of us can believe that our favorite Scientologist, Giovanni Ribisi is recruiting at zing. No Grace doesn't join.

Hesitant to announce that canoe was the first American Indian word put in the OED.

Whoa zing bouncers/interns are totally fierce. Ain't nobody getting by Thomas Seeley, Steven Spavento and their posse.

Micheal Arenella and the Blue Orchid Band, "Sailing over a cardboard sky . . ."