X-mas 2000

zingmagazine offices

DJ: Perry + Smith

all photos by
Lisa Kereszi

Fuentes and Jonas Mekas! I still know what you did last summer.

Kindling anyone?

I'll never tell . . .

A relieved Jovi Schnell receives the news that the Salvation Army on Spring Street has lengthened its hours for the Christmas rush

Nothing beats flocking

The truth of the matter is, if one bulb goes the whole string of lights is fucked!

Politely, Cheryl Donegan and Kenny Goldsmith reassure friends of Santa that their donation is forthcoming

"Buy a bag" has arrived, and just in the Nick of time

Double your pleasure, double your fun

Don't look, but I just put my cigarette out in a bottle confesses, Tracy Nakayama to a policing Ester Partegás

Santa knocked a little too hard on her window

Damn, I only have that song on 8 track

In an effort to embrace the yule time spirit I wore this festive chemise

Hey Mr. DJ

I heard the world is flat

Inspired with the news that Square Pants Bob is Sari's favorite cartoon Paul Parreira spins with zeal

Having just watched behind the music, Ana Honigman reveals to an enamored Lynard Skinard fan the true muse behind Freebird

Will you please stop popping the bubble wrap, snaps Victoria

Yeah, I did catch the last episode of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic.