15th anniversary
issue 22 digital
november 2011

space: Tribeca Grand

all photos by
Peter Killeen

Custom inscribed drink stirrers? Check.

Copious amount of drinks? Check.

zingmagazines? Check.

Apple Pie? Check.

Vegas Girl (Issue #10) and Jackie Robinson (Issue #2)

Intern Riley Strom as Sad Girl (Issue #21) with Igor Stravinsky (Issue #1)

Ticket-Taker (Issue #12)

Intern Terka Cicelova as Isaac Asimov (Issue #6)

Managing Editor Brandon Johnson as Lawrence Welk (Issue #5)

Naked Bathtub Baby (Issue #20) and Whitney Young as Girl w/ Cat (Issue #15)

Fisherkid (Issue #14)

Lucky DeBellevue and Editor/Publisher Devon Dikeou

Mike Ballou, Natalie Rivera, and LC Armstrong

Mary Barone, Matt Murphy, and friends

Brandon Johnson and former Dikeou Collection Director Rachel Cole

Checking out Issue #22 on the iPad

Girls just wanna have fun

Aspiring models Ben Walton, Jennifer Grimyser, and James Ray

Tess Knoebel and Sascha Peterfreund

Henry Coachella

Shelley Marlow, Elisabeth Kley, and Friend

Lisa Kim and Katherine Yoo

Bell Labs woman in the green room

Mary Barone making a point with Matt Murphy

Max Echo

Big kiss from zingmagazine (surrogate)